Friday, March 2, 2012

Rebirth of Daring Adventure Stories

I started this site originally with the idea of posting some of my own fiction. And I'll probably still do that -- however, I've come up with a better use:

Lately I've been doing research on early pulp fiction -- WWI era in particular. There's quite a lot of material out here on the interwebs, but an awful lot of it is not in good, readable shape. In particular, the Internet Archive (which is a clearing house for lots of other archives) tends to have a lot of raw scans and unprocessed OCR text.

The text is darned near unreadable, and the raw scans have to be read in an image viewer (like Photoshop).

It takes a LOT of time to clean these up, but once it's done it's nice to make it available to others. I don't have time to do whole issues of magazine, and I wish to focus on fiction and related material.


I'm going to start making some of these stories available here. They won't be perfectly formatted. They won't include all illustrations. (But they will include some.) I may even collect a few into mobi or epub format for easier reading on your ebook device.

I will probably still post some of my own fiction here (and may even someday open the site to submissions): so please be aware that SOME of what gets posted here is under copyright.

In the meantime, enjoy....

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